Waiting ebook cvrAll Tennyson Spencer wants is to get through college and move out of the apartment he’s shared with his brother since their parents’ death. The last thing on his mind is relationships. With a job as a conceirge at Gothel Suites, and a hard-earned college scholarship, he’s just barely balancing all he’s promised himself.

With the voice of an angel, Melody has landed role after role in musical theater. Her adoptive aunt has been her helper, agent, and guardian, and Melody has been both content and successful under her aunt’s care. Landing the lead in Phantom of the Opera means a show in Las Vegas and a residence in the exclusive Gothel Suites-a dream come true. Or so she’s been told.

When Tennyson and Melody meet, she begins to question her incredibly sheltered existence. And when their mutual attraction leads them on a night out together, it puts their lives on a path they never expected. With Melody stunned by the truth of her past, and Tennyson desperate to do right by her, they both have to take a leap of faith in order to be together.

But sometimes love isn’t enough, and their happily ever after might not be worth the plunge, no matter who’s waiting at the end of the fall.

I AM SO VERY EXCITED TO HAVE THIS OUT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! You can find Waiting to Fall on Amazon 🙂


The Weight of Love …

The Weight of Love got a bit of a facelift 🙂

MINOR, becuase I’ve always loved this picture.

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SO STOKED!!! What I’m up to this year at the LDS Storymaker’s Conference: 1. I’ll be one of the teachers for the publication primer, which happens on the thursday before the conference. Pub primer is perfect for people whose manuscripts … Continue reading

The Weight of Love

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This is a novel that I’d had in my head to write for SUCH a long time. And then I wrote it. And then it sat on my computer for well over a year before I pulled it back out, edited, and FINALLY put it up. I loved Jaycee and Mitchell’s journey, and I think their story is one that I’d love to see continue…when I find the time…