Who I Am

I started my first journal when I was 7,
there’s a large box in my garage dedicated to the journals I’ve filled since then.
Now I only write longhand in the middle of the night or while waiting in my car.
Sometimes I can read it later.
I survived swimming in the Rogue River two times on one trip.
I was not swimming on purpose.
I taught Middle School Algebra with a degree in Political Science and French.
I’m one of those Mormons I used to make fun of.
I drew up the plans and built two houses.
When I say “built” I mean that I was outside with a hammer and nails, building a house.
I have two kids.
One has Moebius Syndrome.
Most doctors don’t know what this is.
I survived my husband going to law school.
I survived my husband being deployed in the military.
After seventeen years, we still like each other.
I have stories in my head that won’t be quiet.
I like to write those stories down.
I hope people want to read them.
I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.
And I’m doing it.
Life is Good.
Thanks for dropping in!

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