What I’m up to this year at the LDS Storymaker’s Conference:

1. I’ll be one of the teachers for the publication primer, which happens on the thursday before the conference. Pub primer is perfect for people whose manuscripts are complete (or nearly complete) and are ready to enter the mad, mad, world of querying and/or submitting to publishers 😀

2. On Friday morning I’m moderating a panel that’s set up for people who are just stepping into publishing or who have just signed their first contract with an agent or publisher – with J. Scott Savage, Heather Moore, Tyler Jolley and Peggy Eddleman. We’re going to talk about what to expect with wait times, editing schedules, what your agent and/or publisher should do for you, and what you’re going to end up doing for yourself. We’re covering a lot of the basics, and some of the not-so-basics.

3. Friday afternoon I’m teaching a class on SHOWING and not TELLING. This seems like such a basic principle, but it’s really not. Characterization, setting and word placement is key in keeping your reader’s invested in the story, so I have a few tips, tricks and ideas to keep the language of your story strong enough to carry your awesome idea.

I look forward to seeing a ton of fab friends, as well as finding some new ones.

Here’s to a great year everyone!!

~ Jolene



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